Globalization’s ship has sailed and the party is over. Emerging in its place is a new tri-polar economic order composed of major trading blocks in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Jay Pelosky
Principal @ Pelosky Global Strategies

Jay Pelosky is Founder & Principal of Pelosky Global Strategies (PGS), a global investment advisory boutique based in New York City. Founded in 2011, Pelosky Global Strategies (formerly J2Z Advisory) utilizes its in-house analytical framework, the Global Risk Nexus (GRN), to assess the interplay between global economics, politics, policy and markets. From this analysis comes original, independent, bespoke and actionable multi asset investment advice. Jay has been active in the ETF space as an investor and advisor for the past 15 years.

As strategist, Jay and his team were ranked number one in multiple Institutional Investor research polls. He created Morgan Stanley’s global asset allocation and global equity strategy research products. He formed and co-chaired the research department’s asset allocation committee and initiated the Firm’s Global Emerging Markets Strategy (GEMS) and Latin American equity research products. As portfolio manager, he led Morgan Stanley Asset Management’s Latin American equity investment efforts launching both the Brazil Fund and the NYSE listed Latin America Discovery Fund.

Jay is a sought after commentator on political economy and financial markets, speaking at conferences around the world, appearing regularly on TV and writing for such publications as the Financial TimesPensions & Investments and The Wall Street Journal.

In this video, Jay discusses what he calls the Tri Polar World (TPW) global growth model. This model argues that regional deepening in the three main regions of the Americas, Asia and Europe could become the world’s next growth catalyst.