Pelosky Global Strategies

Pelosky Global Strategies (formerly J2Z Advisory, LLC) is a global investment advisory boutique based in New York City. Founded by Jay Pelosky in 2011, Pelosky Global Strategies (PGS) focuses on the nexus between global economics, politics, policy and markets to provide independent, bespoke and actionable multi asset investment advice. Domestic & offshore Institutional clients have included: ETF Strategists, hedge funds, financial institutions, Barron’s Top 100 RIA members, & corporates among others. Jay leverages his 30+ years of financial experience in close to 50 countries to help clients navigate the investment process from idea generation to vehicle/manager selection across both the active/passive and public/private divides. Since 2003, he has invested his own capital in a global, multi asset, ETF based portfolio, a discipline that aligns PGS & its clients in a unique manner.

Client services include: curated information flows, weekly/monthly portfolio meetings, 3rd party client engagement (conference calls, video, podcasts), quarterly asset allocation meetings, bespoke written product, 3rd country research trips, white label publications, client & business development assistance.

Current investment/research themes include: the Tri Polar World global growth theme, the Pension Fund Low Return Revolution theme and the Rise of the Passive Investor theme as both an outgrowth of and a partial solution to the challenges of weak economic growth and low financial asset returns.