With the ETF industry likely to triple by 2021, Jobs in ETFs launches world’s first ETF jobs platform

Over the last few years we repeatedly heard that ‘ETFs are here to stay’. It is widely accepted that exchange traded funds are no longer labeled a niche product, and moving forward it is expected that more financial services companies will enter this market.

PWC has found ‘the proliferation of ETFs as one of the six game changers in the asset management industry’, suggesting that an ETF strategy would be desirable not only for firms actively involved in servicing ETFs, but also for the broader financial services market. New industry entrants, geographical expansion and the necessity of developing a guiding ETF strategy, are all due to trigger signs of increase hiring when it comes to exchange traded funds experts or financial services professionals looking to cross over into the ETF market.

Traditionally, much of the hiring in the ETF space used to be related to sales roles in North America and Europe. However, as the industry matured and the focus came on differentiated products and strong distribution channels, we are now experiencing a growing need for ETF product developers with exposure to highly liquid equity derivatives. As such, hiring is expected to spike not only in established markets, but as new regional centers will emerge, ETF experts are needed to also drive education and support the growth in those regions.

Undoubtedly, the ETF market is growing at a fast pace, and by 2021 ETFs are expected to hit $7 trillion according to a recent PWC report. Based on this growth, we were the first to recognize the need of launching a specialized career platform that aims to re-imagine the way ETF industry professionals and employers connect. Our aim is to support the exchange traded funds talent, one of the industry’s main pillars, by creating a solution which reduces the time it takes to find that needle in the proverbial haystack, be it job or candidate.

Jobs in ETFs first launched in July 2016 with the vision to create the largest global community of exchange traded funds experts and the go-to place to connect with the industry’s most trusted employers. As ETFs continue to take market share away from other products, developing markets such as Asia, South America and the Middle East are being educated on the benefits of using ETFs. As a result of this market expansion, we are aiming to provide ETF professionals from around the world with a platform where they can access the most exciting jobs within the industry worldwide, that could help advance their careers.

If you are an industry employer and you want to know how micro targeted campaigns will create and encourage engagement, follow our mission. Jobs in ETFs is aiming to become a community for those looking to make their next career move into the exchange traded funds industry.

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