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In this section, you’ll find exclusive Video Interviews with some of the industry’s leading ETF hiring managers and experts.
You can glean knowledge from these educational videos to further your own ETF understanding and to get insights into various ETF employers.

CEO CHAT – Ryan Radloff @ CoinShares

March, 2018 – London, UK
CEO CHAT – Jobs in ETFs team visited Ryan to discuss his role, challenges and qualities he looks for in new hires….

Career Insights – Tim West @ KPMG

March, 2018 – London, UK
Career Insights – We sat down with Tim to talk about his role and what makes him excited about being part of the ETF industry…

Career Insights – Mike Castino @ U.S. Bancorp Fund Services, LLC

March, 2018 – Chicago, IL
Career Insights – We sat down with Mike to talk about his career background, skills they look for in their new hires and exciting plans for 2018…

Career Insights – Rebecca Sin @ Commerzbank Asia

February, 2018 – Hong Kong
Career Insights – Jobs in ETFs team sat down with Rebecca to talk about her experience, career advice and the future of the ETF industry in Asia…

Employer Insights – Joanne Siu @ Samsung Asset Management

February, 2018 – Hong Kong
Employer Insights – Jobs in ETFs talks to Frank Mohr about about her experience, career advice and key skills required in Asia…

Employer Insights – Frank Mohr @ Commerzbank

January, 2018 – Frankfurt
Career Insights – Jobs in ETFs talks to Frank Mohr about his experience, career advice and key differences between …

Career Insights – Viktor Östebo @ Flow Traders

January, 2018 – Singapore
Career Insights – Jobs in ETFs talks to Viktor Östebo about Flow Traders company culture…

Deborah Frame, CIO @ Frame Global Asset Management

January, 2018 – Toronto, Canada
Employer Insights – Frame Global Asset Management’s CIO, Deborah Frame says there are no closed doors…

Career Insights – Brendan Ahern @ KraneShares 

December, 2017 – New York, US
Career Insights – KraneShares’ CIO, Brendan Ahern says the firm’s main value is providing a balanced perspective and…

Employer Insights – Inside ETFs 

October, 2017 – San Francisco, US
Employer Insights – Jobs in ETFs talks to Inside ETFs’ Matt Hougan about the firm’s exciting plans, company culture and his tips for success…

CEO Chat with Inside ETFs’ Matt Hougan 

September, 2017 – San Francisco, US
CEO Chat – It was definitely not a straight line from college into the ETF world for Matt Hougan. Matt believes that three questions define your long-term career…

Jay Pelosky’s overview on Gen. Passive and the Rise of the Millennial Investor

August, 2017 – New York, US
Expert InsightsJay coined the phrase “Gen Passive” a year or so ago to highlight the rise of the Millennial Investor demographic. Jay believes…

Chris Romano, Director of Research @ ETF Global

July, 2017 – New York, US
Employer Insights – Chris Romano leads the development of the proprietary research models and analytics and is also the Chairman of the ETFG

Jay Pelosky discusses the Rise of the Tri Polar World

June, 2017 – New York, US
Expert Insights – The Rise of the Tri Polar World model argues that regional deepening in the three main regions of the Americas, Asia and Europe could…

Clarisse Djabbari and Josephine Prevost Lyxor Asset Management

May, 2017 – Paris, France
Employer Insights – Jobs in ETFs visited Clarisse Djabbari, Lyxor Asset Management’s Deputy Head of ETF business and Josephine Prevost…

Luis Rivera, Co-founder and CEO @ ETFmatic

May, 2017 – London, UK
Employer Insights – It’s here. The rise of the machine. Technology sweeps across industries, disrupting the norm and throwing civilians jobs into…

Robert Broadwell, Executive Director @ MSCI, discusses ESG and SRI

April, 2017 – London, UK
Expert Insights – In a recent sit-down with Jobs in ETFs, the Executive Director of MSCI, Robert Broadwell, gave us an introduction to ESG and SRI

Luis Rivera, Co-founder and CEO @ ETFmatic

March, 2017 – London, UK
Founders Roundup – The Jobs in ETFs team had a chance to meet with Luis Rivera, who is the Co-Founder of ETFmatic to discuss…

Jay Pelosky, Founder & CEO @ Pelosky Global Strategies

February, 2017 – New York, US
Expert Insights
– Earlier this year, we got a chance to sit down with Jay Pelosky and to analyze the Top 5 Trades for 2017

Diron Tappin, Director of Business Development O’Shares Investments

January, 2017 – Florida, US
Employer Insights – Earlier this year, during the 2017 Inside ETFs Conference, we sat down with Diron Tappin to discuss how ETFs have taken the investing…

Jay Pelosky, Founder & CEO @ Pelosky Global Strategies

January, 2017 – New York, US
Expert Insights
– In a recent talk with Jobs in ETFs, Jay Pelosky discussed the Global Investment Outlook for 2017

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