The Opportunity

As a reporter on CoinDesk’s Markets team, you will play a key role in covering fast-growing cryptocurrency and digital-asset markets during U.S. hours. This includes not just bitcoin and Ethereum’s ether, but tokens across the entire range of crypto sectors. We also cover news and competition among cryptocurrency exchanges and exchange-traded funds.

Your mission: to ensure CoinDesk readers are fully up-to-date whenever and wherever something happens in cryptocurrency markets, and that all content is accurate, punctual and written in CoinDesk style.

You may be writing about why bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets are up or talking to experts about where the markets are headed next. You’ll scour blockchain networks for data showing where investors and traders are moving their money while writing about emerging trends and trying to publish market-moving scoops. You’ll write about digital tokens issued by tech companies developing new applications to run on blockchain networks or designing automated trading and lending platforms that might someday replace banks and Wall Street firms.

The key is to have an insatiable curiosity, a desire to be first, and a willingness to hustle – a sincere interest to be on the front lines of covering what is by many accounts the world’s hottest industry at what could be a historical moment in the evolution of finance and monetary economics.

What You’ll Do:

  • Write stories on bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) and other digital assets.
  • Write stories on market analysis and predictions from traders, big cryptocurrency research outlets, Wall Street firms and other newsworthy sources.
  • Develop sources who can provide insight as well as tips that lead to scoops.
  • Scan regulatory and court filings, calendars, the market, on-chain data, news outlets, blogs, websites, social media, online forums and other information sources for story leads.
  • Pay attention to global macroeconomic trends, such as central bank decisions, economic news and the growing adoption of crypto by users in countries around the world.
  • Learn to write concise, sophisticated breaking news pieces with a voice. The items will not only explain what happened but also tell the reader why it matters and how it fits with the overall picture.
  • Work closely with teammates to collaborate and share news tips and brainstorm ideas for industry-leading coverage.

What You Have:

  • 3+ years of financial journalism experience and familiarity with cryptocurrency and related technologies. Background covering traditional financial markets such as stocks, bonds, commodities and FX will be considered.
  • You are a self-starter with an insatiable intellectual curiosity, a nose for news and a can-do/collaborative attitude who can write clear, concise copy on tight deadlines.
  • You plan well for the things that can be anticipated and react quickly to the things that can’t.
  • Wire service experience is a plus.

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