The Department: S&P Global’s ESG Research & Analytics department is dedicated to developing innovative ESG analytical solutions and overseeing the renowned Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA). The department is responsible for developing the methodology to analyze corporate sustainability performance systematically and accurately, and for managing our proprietary database, comprising one of the world’s most complete datasets on corporate sustainability. The Media & Stakeholder Analysis (MSA) is an integral part of the CSA, and  enables S&P Global to  monitor companies’  sustainability  performance  on  an  ongoing basis  by  assessing current  controversies  with  potentially negative  environmental or social impacts which may pose reputational, or financial consequences for companies. We are considered a leader in ESG analytics, providing essential intelligence to corporates and financial institutions.

The role: We are looking for a Media & Stakeholder Analysis Manager/Senior ESG Analyst to join our growing and dynamic ESG Research & Analytics department. We are looking for an experienced and motivated individual who is passionate about sustainability and ESG controversies screening and is committed to driving sustainable business practices through direct engagement with corporates and through financial markets. As a team player, you will contribute to the unique culture and energy of the department as it continues to grow.

The impact: Developed over 22 years, our work contributes to the creation of the iconic Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and the S&P 500® ESG index, among many others. Our work is also used by investors to execute their respective responsible investment strategies such as in the creation of impact and thematic funds. The work intelligence produced by our department is leveraged throughout S&P Global’s ESG products across its divisions.

What’s in it for you: As a Media & Stakeholder Analysis Manager/Senior ESG Analyst, you would be dedicated to driving the optimization and continuous development of S&P’s MSA methodology and to the development of S&P ESG controversies commercial products. The role provides a unique opportunity to engage with a variety of internal and external stakeholders, and to act as a though leader bringing S&P’s MSA process and methodology to the next level. Being part of the ESG Research & Analytics department, you will have close interactions with the analysts developing the CSA methodology.


•    Responsibility for further developing S&P’s Media & Stakeholder Analysis (MSA) methodology.
•    Leading workflow redesign with the aim of driving quality, efficiency, and process improvement.
•    Manage the broader ESG Research department on the ongoing monitoring of ESG controversies.
•    Drive the development of new products catering to the investor community that wish to incorporate controversies into their workflows.
•    Engage with various internal and external stakeholders to understand their needs for ESG controversies and how these flow into their respective products.
•    Engage with companies which respond to MSA inquiries through feedback calls and management meetings.
•    Develop alternative approaches/challenge the status quo to the ongoing monitoring of news and ESG controversies with a focus on industry sectors.
•    Project coordination with internal stakeholders with a strong acumen to drive the development and implementation of IT solutions.
•    Work in close collaboration with the MSA Lead and MSA Operational Lead.

What We’re Looking For: 

Basic Qualifications:
•    8+ years of work experience in the field of ESG research, ESG ratings, corporate sustainability, or reputational risk management.
•    A complete master’s degree
•    Proven experience in process optimization and digitalization
•    Experience in negative ESG controversies screening and reputational risk assessment
•    A sound understanding of global sustainability reporting frameworks and trends is a plus
•    Strong project management and organizational skills
•    Strong analytical skills and an acute attention to detail
•    Proficient in the use of MS Excel and other IT tools

Soft skills:
•    Strong interest in corporate sustainability
•    Customer-focused and strong interpersonal skills
•    Constructive and energetic attitude
•    Ability to work independently yet towards team goals
•    Reliable and able to go the extra mile when required
•    Business-oriented with an attention to costs and efficiency

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