The ETF Specialist will be responsible for managing the development, rollout and ongoing positioning of custody, fund accounting and fund administration services for exchange traded funds in the United States (US). The role will provide leadership and guidance to the development of all systems, services, and operating model to exchange traded funds. A senior leadership role that works across multiple teams at Northern Trust, our clients, and partnerships with external service providers. Develops the operations and setup strategy and vision for US exchange traded products to meet the overall goals and priorities of the clients and Northern Trust.


1. Identifies business opportunities to define the strategic direction and thereafter ensure continued development of the US ETF product, operations, market opportunities.

2. Working with the functional Service and Delivery Practice Executives, oversees, plans and directs the activities for the development of US Active ETFs, ensuring that business objectives are being met and operating processes are defined, scoped, understood and costs estimated for GFS Management review and approval.

3. Develops, implements and communicates an overall operations strategy to meet Northern Trust’s strategic plans for US ETFs. Directs scope and creates business case (using NT standards) with clear timelines, costs, resource needs and revenue opportunities and target market.

4. Facilitate review of market and existing NT Global ETF capabilities to identify features, functionality and services to be built by NT, ported internally, or engaged through third-party providers for US ETFs.

5. Creates an environment that embraces change through leadership and dynamic interaction across the Product, Business and Technology teams.

6. Increase visibility of Northern Trust as an exceptional Asset Servicing organization with the client and its sub-advisors by identifying opportunities for new products, services and operational efficiencies.

7. Works with the Service and Delivery Practice Leads to ensure appropriate financial and staffing resources, including developing and managing capital and expense budgets, liaising cross-function to improve efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

8. Seasoned leader with extensive business experience, and broad functional expertise, with focus on proactive strategic leadership.

•   Excellent oral and written communication skills are required
•   In-depth Functional / Industry Knowledge is required, in particular the US ETF marketplace
•   Highly flexible and adaptable to change
•   Technical skills / systems knowledge is required
•   Familiarity with Capital Planning, Validation and Approval processes
•   Extensive leadership experience with large change management efforts
•   Proven track record in driving efficiency, productivity, and revenue opportunities by developing and implementing key metrics to measure service quality and productivity
•   Knowledge of business strategy development is necessary to provide long term planning and to manage the development of ETF offering in US.
•   Strong leadership and organizational skills are required to direct the teams outside of your immediate span of control
A College or University degree and / or relevant proven work experience is preferred. Related Industry qualification is required, ideally Active ETF recent experience in US market
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