Job purpose:

  • The ETF Manager is responsible for the expansion of the ETF data product to cover all global exchange-traded products.

Your Responsibilities:

  • The Manager will leverage existing ETF-specific categorization, tools, and analytics such as heatmaps, fund exposure, comparisons, and ratings to enhance the ETF data product
  • In addition to enhancing the data set, the Manager will work with the Wealth Product Managers to design and scope the requirements for an ETF screener for financial advisors
  • Finally, the Manager is responsible for using the ETF data to support the company’s ETF partnerships as well as finding new ways to leverage the data set to bring insight to investors, such as identifying market movement changes through changes in relationships between ETFs
  • The role will also play a key role in the integration planning and execution of Equity index products as part of the integration
  • In the event that the transaction does not complete, the requirements of the role and responsibilities may be subject to change.

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