Job Description

Works with the Market Maker community as well as internal trading desks to facilitate ETF Create or Redeem transactions for US listed ETFs with international equities.

The role covers the coordination and collaboration with internal functions to process the trades, the continuous partnership with support functions to process transactions as well as provide support in enhancing the operational mechanics, and the education of internal and external staff on the mechanics, benefits, and nuances of the create/redeem process.

In an agency capacity, the ETF CR/RD trader inputs all of the create/redeem trades in our systems, instructs and routes the global constituent baskets, and collates all of the execution data along with fund inputs to derive ETF prices.

The IETF desk will generate indicative client reporting and continuously update these reports through the life cycle of the trade until the fund inputs are finalized.

The trader will work with fund providers and distributors to understand changes to their work flow, be informed of new product releases, and create additional efficiencies in their process.

The trader will ensure the trading books have no risk at end of day and is also responsible for monitoring daily transaction revenues.

The trader will organize, educate, and inform all of the support groups (operations, technology, & product control) on a routine basis so that our process flow is continually improve and we ensure all relevant teams have a firm understanding of this business.

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