Broker Dealer Relationships

  • Maintain relationships with Market Makers, Authorized Participants and ETF Sales/Trading Desks.
  • Educate market participants about new and existing products to promote product suite across the broker dealer community.
  • Monitor Bid-Ask Spreads and Premiums across our product line and communicate issues with the Lead Market Makers.
  • Confirm accuracy of daily PCF files, ETF Intraday values and other relevant data being disseminated to the market.
  • Act as a conduit between the Portfolio Management team and the Authorized Participants to assure a smooth create-redeem process.

    Sales Team & Client Engagement

  • Provide clients and prospects, internal and external client facing salespeople and/or intermediaries with ongoing education, updates and facts about our investment products.
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with the ETF Sales Team as well as the broader Funds and Institutional Sales Teams. Assist sales teams by participating in client meetings and other client events.
  • Assist clients with ETF trading. Provide education about industry practices to achieve best execution
  • Develop and maintain reports for sales and management teams that highlight industry ETF flow trends, trade reports, etc.
  • Assist is development of sales marketing reports, ETF white papers, and other though leadership reports that incorporate capital markets expertise
  • Attend and participate in industry conferences.

    Product & Business Enhancement

  • Work closely with the product development team to ensure new products are structured to trade efficiently.
  • On an ongoing basis, advise product team on product enhancements that will lead to improved liquidity.
  • Conduct industry analysis to ensure JPM’s ETF business is competitive from a Capital Markets perspective.


  • Experience in the asset management/financial services industry, equities, fixed income, derivatives, structured products with direct experience in ETF Capital Markets or ETF trading.
  • Strong knowledge of ETF mechanics, including the factors that drive ETF pricing, creation/redemption, liquidity and spreads, premiums and discounts.
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability and desire to break down complex problems and create effective solutions.
  • Strong interpersonal skills. Communicate effectively (oral and written) before large audiences as well as one-on-one with clients.
  • Multi-asset knowledge including, equities, fixed income, derivatives (futures, swaps, etc.) and FX.
  • Understanding of current exchange and market structure environment and the eagerness to stay current on upcoming changes.
  • Understanding of the institutional and retail trade flow process as well as the strategies, best practices and electronic platforms each use to execute trades.
  • Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent required.
  • MBA, CFA or equivalent desirable but not required.
  • Strong technical skills (MS Office, Bloomberg, Reuters, Python, Tableaux, R) required.

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