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Jobs in ETFs is fully private so nobody can see your Bio without your permission. Create your profile and apply with one click.


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It’s free and private

Jobs in ETFs is completely private and we won’t show your Bio to anyone without your permission.
You can’t be searched by recruiters and your boss can’t see you!
Any and all your conversations with us will stay confidential.



Viable employers

Niche career platforms such as Jobs in ETFs tend to attract more credible and
enthusiastic employers than general forums, ensuring a level of quality.
Employers are more likely to respond because the visitors tend to be more credible, as well.



Smaller applicant pool

Niche generally means smaller. Typically, only serious job hunters and career-minded
individuals explore job opportunities on a niche site. This means your application and
resume are more likely to get noticed and given adequate attention.



Discover who’s hiring

Follow or connect with Employers you aspire to work for. Learn about them,
their team, culture, read their success stories and
even get a sneak peek into their offices.



Be the first to know

Connect to as many Employers as you want and be the first to know when
new roles go live. You will receive updates direct to your inbox.


Get your job postings in front of the right people across the ETF ecosystem.


Leave the hard work to us and let us find your next big talent. We will work with you to understand your needs and help you find the right candidates. 


Your FREE Employer Account allows you to customize your company profile, and provides tools to better promote your jobs, showcase your services and build your brand even when you are not hiring. 


Need FREE advice? We also provide advice on proposed structures, job descriptions, salaries, candidate attraction strategies and employer branding. 


Market knowledge

We understand the industry. Keeping our finger on the pulse keeps us in the loop regarding
salary rates, career expectations, available skill sets and current trends.
We act as partners, and are your eyes and ears in the market.



Personal approach

We take bespoke, personal approach and take time to form partnerships
with clients and invest in candidates for the long-term.



Relationships with the right people

We know “who’s who” in the market and have relationships with high quality candidates and  clients,
always keeping abreast with their business and career plans. This means we can direct our clients
to the best candidates, and our candidates to the best employers.



Help with your brand

Many businesses don’t invest into developing marketing and their employer brand.
Through enhanced employer profile, career interviews, written or video job adverts, we can give
potential candidates  a real insight into your business and show them what it’s like to work there,
benefits, career opportunities and company culture.



Targeted approach

Typically, only serious job hunters and career-minded individuals explore job opportunities
on a niche site.
You won’t reach the numbers that you would by using a general job board,
but you will most probably reach the right candidates. As employers of every size can attest,
a good match is hard to find.


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Let’s work together to get your community of students or alumni hired!

You have a community ready to make their way into the world of work. We partner with universities, career upskilling and education partners to deliver targeted job opportunities to their students and alumni. 


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Through our global reach and connections within the industry, we are able to work in partnership with you to reach out and promote your event. We are also happy to help with speakers recruitment or introductions.


Be our contributing writer and promote yourself as a thought leader within the ETF industry.

We’re lovers of content at Jobs in ETFs – be it creating, curating, consuming or sharing – and we’re always looking for contributing writers to share their stories, ideas and knowledge about the ETF industry trends and career.


A company brand is designed to challenge people’s preconceptions. Help us tell your story.

Advertising on Jobs in ETFs is a unique opportunity to reach a targeted global audience in a creative and compelling way.


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