ETF STARS – Success Stories That Will Inspire You

Welcome to ‘ETF STARS’! Here you will find exclusive Q&A interviews with some of the industry’s leading ETF experts.
You’ll learn about their career path, challenges and their views on the trends that are going to define the ETF industry in the upcoming years. 

Douglas Yones, Head of Exchange Traded Products @ NYSE

January 2020 – New York, US
We sat down with Douglas to discuss what he’s most excited about for the ETF community, the factors combining to create a very bright… 

Martijn Rozemuller, Managing Director and Head of Europe @ VanEck

December 2019 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
From a single-office Netherlands centric model at Think ETF’s to a broader European remit at VaEck: A chat with ETF entrepreneur Martijn Rozemuller … 

Jos Schmitt, Co-Founder, CEO & President @ NEO Exchange

November 2019 – Toronto, Canada
We sat down with Jos to discuss his NEO, how we would change the ETF landscape for the better, future trends and work-life balance…

Deborah Fuhr, Managing Partner, Founder @ ETFGI

November 2019 – London, UK
We chatted with Deborah about her core values, challenges, what’s hot on her radar, her advice to the ETF industry, a passion for wild animals and anti-gravity yoga…

Todd Rosenbluth, Senior Director of ETF and Mutual Fund Research @ CFRA

November 2019 – New York, US
We caught up with Todd in advance of Inside Fixed Income to discuss calling it as he sees it, where he sees growth coming from, his concerns for ETFs and challenges ahead…

John Davies, Managing Director, Global Head of ETPs @S&P Dow Jones Indices

October 2019 – London, UK
We recently sat down with John to discuss career challenges and highlights, culture at S&PDJI and challenges ahead for the ETF industry…

Luke Oliver, Managing Director, Head of Index Investing, Americas @DWS Group

October 2019 – New York, USA
We recently sat down with Luke to discuss ETF innovation and fluctuating between being a specialist and generalist to succeed…

Fannie Wurtz, Head of Amundi ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta

September 2019 – Paris, France
Fannie recently sat down with Jobs in ETFs to discuss how women communicate ambitions differently compared with men, her average day and…

Eric Pollackov, Global Head of ETF Capital Markets @ Invesco

September 2019 – New York, US
Eric sat down with Jobs in ETFs to discuss work culture, what he looks for in a hire, giving back and moments with Jack Bogle and Charles Schwab…

Hortense Bioy, Director of Passive Strategies & Sustainability Research, Europe @ Morningstar

August 2019 – London, UK
Hortense sat down with Jobs in ETFs in advance of the upcoming Inside ETFs Growth Strategy Summit at FundForum International to discuss …

Feifei Li, Partner, Head of Investment Strategy @ Research Affiliates

August 2019 – California, US
“Not being able to deliver or understand a sports joke, for example, can make acceptance and communication that much harder. I see the…”

Jillian DelSignore, Executive Director, Head of ETF Distribution @ JP Morgan Asset Management

New York, US
JP Morgan’s Head of Distribution, Jillian DelSignore, sat down with Jobs in ETFs to share her career journey and tips on how to make it to the top as a woman…

Todd Hollander, ETF Sales & Trading @ Jane Street

New York, US
Todd Hollander, who was named one of the top 10 most important people in the industry by, talked to Jobs In ETFs about helping to grow the company from a behind-the-scenes trading…

Jim Ross, Executive Vice President, Chairman, Global SPDR Business @ State Street Global Advisors

New York, US
Jim Ross talked to us about his involvement in launching SPY and why he had always followed his conviction, even when those above him said that it might hurt his career….

Eric Balchunas, Senior ETF Analyst & Funds Product Specialist @ Bloomberg Intelligence

New York, US
Having worked for both retail and institutional clients, the commentator and author spoke to our team about how he first chose his subject matter, ETF growth predictions and what the ‘reactionary media’ gets so wrong…

Laura Morrison, SVP, Global Head of Listings @ Cboe Global Markets

New York, US
Laura Morrison has spent over two decades working her way up from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to managing the US and European ETF listings business for Cboe, formerly Bats…

Martin Kremenstein, Managing Director & Head of ETFs @ Nuveen Investments

London, UK
Martin talked to Jobs in ETFs about the importance of learning to let others contribute to your work, launching value-added products and always…

Marc Knowles, ETF Practice Lead @ KPMG

London, UK
Marc Knowles’ most recent move to head up KPMG’s ETF consultancy is a positive sign for the industry. The expert talked to Jobs In ETFs about how…

Dan Draper, Managing Director and Global Head of ETFs @ Invesco PowerShares

Chicago, US
Dan Draper, managing director and global head of exchange-traded funds at Invesco PowerShares, believes in the power of networking. That, plus coding and general financial knowledge, is a …

Jan van Eck, CEO @ VanEck

New York, US
Jan van Eck is CEO of an asset management company that has been around for more than 60 years, and he likes to take the long-term view. Van Eck talked to Jobs In ETFs about the importance of…

Steve Hawkins, President and Co-CEO @ Horizons ETFs

Toronto, Canada
Hawkins prides himself as being known as one of the “hardest working men on Bay Street” Toronto. He talked to Jobs In ETFs about the importance of how…

Salvatore Bruno, Chief Investment Officer @ IndexIQ

New York, US
Bruno talked to Jobs In ETFs about why ETFs are a great option to replicate hedge funds, the evolving responsibilities and challenges that motivate him …

Steve Oh, Director of ETF Business Development @ Nasdaq

New York, US
“…the most knowledgeable people I admire in the industry have one common trait: they read everything!”

Matthew Arnold, Head of SPDR ETF Singapore and Head of ETF Strategy & Research – APAC @ State Street Global Advisors

Singapore, APAC
“Sometimes the initial job is less important than the long term potential an organisation offers…” 

Matteo Andreetto, CEO @ STOXX and Head of Deutsche Börse Index Services

London, UK
When you start your career, your analytical skills are a big component of value that you generate. Eventually, your…”

Christopher Friese, Director, Head of Lyxor ETF Asia @ Societe Generale

Hong Kong, APAC
In a recent sit-down with Jobs in ETFs, the Head of Lyxor ETF business in Asia, Christopher Friese, discussed the main differences between…

Thomas Bartolacci, Head of ETF Capital Markets, Europe @ Vanguard

London, UK
Jobs in ETFs sat down with Tom to get insights into “why Vanguard” and to discuss some of the nuances of fixed income relative to equities as…

Mark Eshman, Co-founder, Chariman & CIO @ ClearRock Capital

San Francisco, US
We talked to Mark Eshman about becoming disillusioned with big, bureaucratic companies – he says it is ok to make “one career mistake”…

Jean-René Giraud, Chief Executive Officer @ TrackInsight

Paris, France
“Building a team is the only way to amplify your ideas. Listen to the next generation, they are smart, educated and willing to make a better world…”

Christine Cantrell, Sales Director, ETFs @ BMO Global Asset Management

London, UK
“To excel in the ETF industry one needs to form a big-picture view of the world, because macro-economic and asset allocation discussions go hand-in-hand…”

Mike Venuto Discusses Career Choices and the Growth Trajectory of ETFs 

New York, US
We sat down with the Chairman of the Index Committee behind TETF to learn more about how the market discerns between gambling fads and genuine innovation…

Dodd Kittsley on His Role @ Davis Advisors and the ETF Market Innovation

New York, US
Understand your own strengths, what makes you happy and find a role that really is congruent with that…”

Nizam Hamid, Head of ETF Strategy @ WisdomTree Europe

London, UK
That education challenge was critical in the early years, and remains so today, as we’ve moved away from market cap to smart beta. It’s still about education…”

Bryon Lake, MD, Head of International ETF @ J.P. Morgan Asset Management

London, UK
Bryon Lake is one of the most respected figures in the ETF industry, moving up the ranks over 15 years from interning at hedge fund to managing ETFs at…

Martin Raab, Co-Founder @ ETF Radar/ETPHQ

Zurich, Switzerland
“After laying solid groundwork, I had associate roles within institutional asset management and climbed up the ladder with senior positions as…”

Bobby Eng, Head of SPDR Business Development Canada @ SSGA

Toronto, Canada
We had the chance to speak to Bobby Eng who has worked in the ETF industry for 15 years, moving through the ranks of some of the industries most…

Kevin Quigg, Chief Strategist @ ACSI Funds

New York, US
“I believe active exposure (Advanced Beta, Active insight with Passive Implementation like ACSI, or eventually non-transparent active) will surge…”

Deborah Frame, President & CIO @ Frame Global Asset Management

Toronto, Canada
“We have developed and evolved our approach since our inception to improve on outcomes. It has been a great benefit to me to have the varied…”

Bruce Lavine, Chief Executive Officer @ 55 Capital Partners

San Francisco, US
“When I joined Jono Steinberg at WisdomTree in 2006 right before we launched the original funds, I really liked the idea of creating a firm that focused on the…”

Clarisse Djabbari, Deputy Global Head of Lyxor ETFs & Indexing @ Lyxor Asset Management

Paris, France
“It is key when putting teams together that you hire people who work well with others. Of course finding the right mix of skills and backgrounds is essential…”

Atul Tiwari, Managing Director and Head of Canada @ Vanguard

Toronto, Canada
Atul shares his thoughts on the most significant changes in the ETF space, the trends that could shape the industry over the coming years and gives…

Jay Pelosky, Founder & CEO @ Pelosky Global Strategies

New York, US
Jay is a sought after commentator on political economy and financial markets, speaking at conferences around the world, appearing regularly on TV…

Robert Broadwell, Executive Director @ MSCI

London, UK
“The entire industry should be working on how to increase the on-exchange trading of Exchange Traded Funds.There is an on-exchange trading eco-system…”

Ted Hood, Co-Founder @ Source ETF

London, UK
Ted is a co-founder of ETF specialist Source that he helped to launch and ultimately ran for six years, taking it from zero to nearly $20 billion of…

Luis Rivera, Founder & CEO @ ETFmatic

London, UK 
Luis Rivera is an entrepreneur, mentor and co-founder/CEO at ETFmatic, a fintech startup led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs that believe we…

Simon Mott, Global Head of Product Marketing @ FTSE Russell

London, UK 
The financial industry was not the first choice of Simon’s career. FTSE Russell’s Global Head of Product Marketing on how the dearth of Indiana Jones-style…

Kris Walesby, Head of ETF Securities Australia @ ETF Securities

Sydney, Australia
“Prepare yourself to do the hours, get in earlier than everyone else, leave later than everyone else, listen, learn and it will work out for you. In your mid…”

Antoine de Saint Valury, Head of ETF & Flow Trading @ Commerzbank

Hong Kong, APAC
The main challenges are linked to the fragmented market ecosystem in Asia. You basically have to start from scratch for each new market. A significant part of…”

Allan Lane, Managing Partner @ Twenty20 Investments

London, UK
“So much time is spent focusing on the investment proposition that it is so easy to overlook how the delivery channel can negate the benefits. My money is on…”


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