EMPLOYER INSIGHTS – Frame Global Asset Management

“Turn Your Dream Into Reality”

Deborah Frame
President & CIO @Frame Global Asset 

Luxor Deborah Frame, CFA, is president and CIO of Frame Global Asset Management, an ETF managed portfolio strategist that acts as a sub advisor to its clients in Canada and United States. She is involved in all aspects of the qualitative and quantitative process used to create asset allocation models that focus on downside risk optimisation and the use of ETFs. Frame is also the co-head of the Canadian chapter of Women in ETFs. She holds an undergraduate degree in economics and business from the University of Guelph, and an MBA from York University in finance.

Jobs in ETFs sat down with Deborah to talk about why should someone join Frame Global Asset Management and what skills the company is looking for. We also discussed her role in Women in ETFs and what she likes most about working in the ETF industry.


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