Tabula Investment Management

Tabula is a new ETF provider focused on fixed income for European institutional investors. Tabula will focus on fixed income supporting investors as flows into the asset class accelerate. The company believes that although fundamentals and market dynamics are positive for fixed income ETFs, the persistent innovation that ignited the equity ETF market has been lacking in this sector. As a result, the large incumbent funds continue to gather assets, but investors are hungry for new products. Tabula plans to expand its offering across the asset class, moving from investment grade and high yield credit into inflation, government debt, emerging markets, bank capital, money markets, ESG strategies and Solvency II-efficient funds. Tabula is working in partnerships and alliances with HSBC, IHS Markit, KB Associates, ICE and PwC. Until such time as Tabula receives its own authorisation, it will be an Appointed Representative of Cheyne Capital, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.