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PowerShares was founded in the US in 2003 on a vision of delivering investment performance through the benefit-rich Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) structure. In January 2006,PowerShares expanded its vision by becoming part of Invesco Ltd, whose global presence took the Invesco PowerShares story beyond the US.When the first everETF was launched in 1993, its purpose was simple — to track the S&P 500Index while trading on a major exchange. Since then, many traditional ETFs have been designed to mirror a number of different benchmark indices. Not all ETFs,however, seek to simply track a measure of a market.

InvescoPowerShares offers a selection of ETFs that track “next generation” indices: indicesthat go beyond merely tracking a particular market. These indices attempt tooutperform the performance of a particular market through intelligent securityselection and weighting.

InvescoPowerShares is part of Invesco Ltd., a leading independent global investmentmanagement company dedicated to helping people worldwide build their financialsecurity.  /  /

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