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ETFmatic provides you with an easy way to manage your investment goals. We use index based investment strategies and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to construct and manage unique investment portfolios tailored to your personal preferences and circumstances.

We are an European Automated Investment Service licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority. With our App and the Investment Engine behind it you can easily build a unique portfolio instead of being stuffed into high-fee cookie-cutter portfolios dressed up as a personalised service.

ETFmatic is lead by a team of experienced entrepreneurs that believe we all deserve a simple and cost effective way to put our savings to work. Our Advisory Board includes Private Banking and Fund Management Executives from the Financial Industry and Professors from the most prestigious Business Schools.At ETFmatic we believe risk amounts to more than the expected fluctuations of a portfolio.

The likelihood of you accessing part of your savings early or how you will react to a scary market movement is at least as important as the criteria employed to analyse the stock market’s performance.The current version of our investment platform deploys 125 base portfolio strategies which are then time-adjusted reducing volatility and adapting the asset allocation to what makes you comfortable, essentially infinite portfolios that enable us to deliver the best investment solution for you.

Beyond the adjustment if anything in your lifestyle or attitude to risk changes, by using dynamic targets and, in goals with target date, volatility reduction, the target weight for each asset evolves over time.

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  • Specialism Robo Advisors
  • Address 1 Fore Street, EC2Y 9DT, London, United Kingdom


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