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Slawomir Rzeszotko of Jane Street

Following the launch of the 30 Index, Jobs in ETFs and ETF Stream have interviewed the individuals who made it into the top 10. Previously saw us speak with Allan Lane, co-founder and managing partner of Algo-Chain and Twenty20 Investments. Next up is Slawomir Rzeszotko is in the ETF Business Development at Jane Street. Slawomir Rzeszotko’s path to ETFs was far from

Diversity is Key for 2019 and Beyond

Once upon a time, inclusion and diversity were just buzzwords for companies – thrown around at conferences and industry events, without any real action behind them. But in recent years, maintaining a focus on upping your gender balance as an employer, and providing an inclusive atmosphere, come with real consequences. Being aware to sensitivities and differences, whether in the LGBTQ

ETF Stars – Jillian DelSignore, Executive Director, Head of ETF Distribution @ J.P. Morgan Asset Management

_ _ Jillian DelSignore Executive Director, Head of ETF Distribution @ J.P. Morgan Asset Management Jillian DelSignore is head of ETF Distribution at J.P. Morgan’s Asset Management business and is responsible for leading the sales efforts and strategy in the intermediary and institutional markets. She has also been recently appointed co-president of Women in ETFs. Jillian

ETF Marketing & Public Relations in a Non-Linear Media World

Chris Sullivan Managing Director @ MacMillan Communications First, there was a kind of atomization of the media – traditional outlets saw readership decline amidst a proliferation of online vehicles. Readers went in a thousand different directions, attracted by new outlets that were optimized differently – with more specialized content and features generally designed to appeal to

How To Hire an ETF Superstar

We often know what advice to dole out to candidates preparing for job interviews—be enthusiastic, dress smart, ask questions—but sometimes, ETF providers can be less savvy when it comes to hiring the right people. For new entrants to the ETF space, hiring an A-team is incredibly important. While those in operations must navigate the complex regulatory landscape, technical teams have


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