John Davi, Founder, CIO @ Astoria Portfolio Advisors LLC

Jobs in ETFs caught up with John Davi founder, CEO and CIO of Astoria Portfolio Advisors in advance of the upcoming ETFGI Global ETFs Insights Summit at The Metropolitan Club, New York April 2. John has 20 years of experience spanning across macro ETF strategy, quantitative research and portfolio construction and we took the opportunity to discuss Astoria’s investment process, non-transparent ETFs, ESG, Coronavirus

Shana Sissel, Director of Investment Due Diligence & Senior Portfolio Manager @ Orion Advisor Solutions

      Shana Sissel is Director of Investment Due Diligence & Senior Portfolio Manager at Orion Advisor Solutions. She is primarily focused on high net worth clients and solutions, including a variety of focused equity strategies and customized tax managed direct index optimization portfolios. Additionally, Ms. Sissel leads the investment due diligence efforts for the firm. Jobs in ETFs caught up

Elizabeth Marchetti, Investment Director @ Wilbanks Smith & Thomas Asset Management

Elizabeth Marchetti is investment director for WST Capital Management. She oversees product management and operational alignment efforts for the platform, participating in product development, conducting platform analysis, leading positioning efforts and managing relationships with research teams and home offices. In advance of Inside ETFs 2020,  kicking off tomorrow in Florida, Jobs in ETFs sat down

Jane Heinrichs, Associate General Counsel @ the Investment Company Institute

__ )) ___ ___ ___ ___ __ __ )__ __ Jane Heinrichs is an associate general counsel for the Investment Company Institute, primarily responsible for legal and regulatory issues relating to ETFs, money market funds and municipal securities. Jobs in ETFs team recently sat down with Jane to discuss streamlining the exchange listing process, her advice for the ETF industry

Martijn Rozemuller, Managing Director and Head of Europe @VanEck

Martijn Rozemuller is Managing Director and Head of Europe at VanEck, where he is responsible for Sales, Marketing, Compliance, Legal, and Human Resources. Martijn recently sat down with Jobs in ETFs to discuss his introduction to ETFs, staying motivated at work, and distribution, distribution, distribution . . .   Be prepared for distribution. You should give

Jin Li, Vice President, ETF & Quantitative Research Analyst @ BMO Capital Markets

Jin Li covers the ETF sector for BMO Capital Markets where his area of focus includes ETF investment strategies and factor research. Jin provides a top-down ETF-based portfolio construction screen and conducts ETF investor sentiment analysis for the purpose of highlighting investment themes and ETF products relevant to those themes. Jobs in ETFs sat down with Jin in advance of

Patrick McEntyre, Managing Director, Electronic Trading & Services @ National Bank Financial

Patrick is Managing Director of NBF’s Electronic Trading & Services, offering DEA and algorithmic trading as well as ETF, equity derivatives, and Portfolio Trading to institutional clients. He has been actively involved in shaping the Canadian regulatory environment and Jobs in ETFs caught up with Patrick in advance of the upcoming ETFGI Global ETFs Insights Summit in Toronto where he


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