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ETF Marketing & Public Relations in a Non-Linear Media World

Chris Sullivan Managing Director @ MacMillan Communications First, there was a kind of atomization of the media – traditional outlets saw readership decline amidst a proliferation of online vehicles. Readers went in a thousand different directions, attracted by new outlets that were optimized differently – with more specialized content and features generally designed to appeal to

How To Hire an ETF Superstar

We often know what advice to dole out to candidates preparing for job interviews—be enthusiastic, dress smart, ask questions—but sometimes, ETF providers can be less savvy when it comes to hiring the right people. For new entrants to the ETF space, hiring an A-team is incredibly important. While those in operations must navigate the complex regulatory landscape, technical teams have

ETF Stars – Marc Knowles, ETF Practice Lead @ KPMG

_ Marc Knowles ETF Practice Lead @ KPMG Marc Knowles’ most recent move to head up KPMG’s ETF consultancy signals that the industry is booming and that businesses right across the ETF industry are positioning themselves for success. Knowles, after 14 years at iShares and several years at senior positions at Markit and BMO Asset Management, says he is

ETF Stars – Jan van Eck, CEO @ VanEck

Jan van Eck CEO @ VanEck Jan van Eck is CEO of an asset management company that has been around for more than 60 years, and he likes to take the long-term view. His career has spanned active funds, hedge funds and ETFs, and his firm now boasts $40 billion in ETFs alone. Van Eck talked to Jobs In ETFs about

ETF Stars – Dan Draper, Managing Director and Global Head of ETFs @ Invesco PowerShares

_ Dan Draper Managing Director and Global Head of ETFs @ Invesco PowerShares  Dan Draper, managing director and global head of exchange-traded funds at Invesco PowerShares, believes in the power of networking. That, plus coding and general financial knowledge, is a “dynamic combination” for boosting your career. Draper has been close to various mergers and acquisitions


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