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After the launch of the first Exchange Traded Fund on the New York Stock Exchange, and the subsequent successful development of the US ETF market, the global ETF market is today one of the fastest-growing segments of the asset management industry.

Based on this growth, we were first to recognize the need of launching a specialized career platform that brings you access to the most exciting jobs within the ETF industry globally. By leveraging our niche market focus, industry experience and our ability to micro target specific candidate groups, we help companies get that competitive edge.

As the war for talent continues to heat up, ETF Employers are looking for innovative solutions to help them gain a competitive advantage in hiring and employer branding.


Jobs in ETFs is the world’s first ETF career platform specialized in growing the Exchange Traded Funds industry, educating and inspiring fresh as well as established Talent. We want to make missed career opportunities a thing of the past! Our mission is to inspire and motivate ETF professionals globally to achieve their career goals and ensure Employers and industry Talent are connected so that when opportunities arise, neither of them miss an opportunity.

We welcome any comments, high-fives and suggestions for improving our platform and services we offer. Get in touch at or use our “Get In Touch” page and follow us on our social media pages.


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